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Want to get started but haven’t walked much in a while? Try our 12 week series of urban walks, ideas and motivators that start you off gently. Follow this week by week guide to walk your way to success. The first week’s walk will be a simple taster to get you started. You can then build up more walking from there, week by week until you are doing at least 30 minutes of brisk walking a day, 5 times a week.

For this first week, try and fit in an extra 30 minutes during another part of the week. Walk part of it briskly so that you start to feel a little warmer but can still talk comfortably to the person next to you. So here goes!

Week 1

This is a casual city centre walk featuring a variety of interesting architecture and landmarks such as the impressive Singers Hill Synagogue, the oldest in Birmingham. Also the more modern Peace Gardens and the old St. Thomas’ Church. A good one to get started with, this walk will feature as part of a BBC Springwatch event and will be an actual led walk to be aired on Radio WM. If you want to join it, just come along on Wednesday 27th May at 11am or 2pm at the Public Space, BBC, The Mailbox.

We’ve had a lot of rain lately which sometimes puts people off going out. Remember, we live in England, it does rain a lot here. Go out anyway! Route as follows:

Start: The Mailbox
Duration: 30 minutes

1. From main entrance of Mailbox turn right along the ramp and onto Severn Street, continue onto Blucher Street to view the impressive Singers Hill Synagogue. Back up and and turn the corner onto Commercial Street.
2. Cross and continue along Commercial Street, passing building work; go through the alleyway.
3. On the other side continue along Commercial Street crossing Washington Street, until you get to the crossing on Granville Road.
4. Cross over onto Granville Street and turn left, the remains of St Thomas’ church can be seen ahead of you to the right with the Peace Park next to it
5. Turn right into the Peace Park and follow the path on your right up to the tower of St Thomas’
6. Exit the park via the same entrance, cross, continuing right along Granville Street, at the junction turn right onto Ridley Street. Continue, crossing Washington Street.
7. Turn right onto Marshall Street and right into Chapman Passage. Turn right onto Blucher Street.
8. Continue along Blucher Street until the end of the road, then turning right onto Holloway Head. Continue to Holloway Circus.
9. Take left path, following it to Suffolk Street Queensway.
10. Continue back to start.



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